Sunday, 23 June 2013

Is there a natural arthritis cure?

The Concise Oxford dictionary defines cure as, “restore to health; remedy; course of medical or other treatment, success with.” Generally speaking, people also feel a cure relates to relieving a person (or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition and is also viewed as a means of healing or regaining health.

By these definitions there must be a cure for arthritis, as there are many people who have experienced symptomatic relief and been restored to health, overcoming suffering from arthritis. Equally, many of these people have achieved these using natural treatment methods, thereby providing natural cures.
While this is promising and a positive position for arthritis sufferers, I want to go deeper than the implication that there is an arthritis cure.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Holistic Definition of Health

Holistic health consists of physical, mental and spiritual health. Physical health is anything related to your physical body. It is the result of optimal digestion, detoxification, and function of your organs and tissues, right down to the level of individual cells. 

When you are in a state of health on a physical level, you feel dynamic, full of energy and free of any physical symptoms. When there is an imbalance on this level, physical symptoms and diseases start to occur. 

Emotional health is defined by an ability to freely express your emotions and have meaningful social interactions. You have positive emotions, which are translated into a deep inner level of joy, contentment, confidence and assurance. You are motivated and feel ready to meet everyday challenges and express yourself in a creative manner. When there is an imbalance on this level you may start experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and other mental/emotional symptoms.

Your spiritual level refers to the deepest part of you; that part that gives you the sense of who you are and allows you to find the meaning of your life. When you experience spiritual health you have a clear vision of the purpose of your life and, consequently, set up goals and get motivated to achieve them. You also create your very own system of values and beliefs. 

When there is an imbalance on this level, you may think that life is worthless and feel a profound separation from yourself and others; you may be judgmental, unforgiving and often display narcissistic, selfish patterns. 

Consider this when considering our health!

Dr Marcus Chacos
Chiropractor and Founder of the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute
Author of The Arthritis Soluiton

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Aging Process

As we age it seems that the functions and physiological reactions of the body start to slow down and that, as a result, degenerative changes occur. When this occurs in the bones, we have arthritis. Let’s look at osteoarthritis from this perspective—as a typical degenerative condition.

As we grow older, bones suffer modifications of their shape, degree of calcification and structure. The cartilages start to wear down and the joint space (the space between two bones) will progressively narrow. In advanced cases there is a complete loss of the cushioning cartilage. Bone spurs and scleroses (hardening of the joint tissue) are also present, caused by chronic inflammation and destruction of the cartilages.

These changes lead to symptoms such as pain, inflammation and limited mobility. At first glance you may say that arthritis simply affects the joints—in other words, your physical health. But is this really true? Let’s see. 

You are unable to move freely so you start exercising less. You have difficulty managing your work and house chores, and start spending more time alone rather than socialising with your family and friends. The pain deeply affects your thoughts and emotions so you become unhappy and start to neglect your goals and dreams. When you are in pain the last thing that comes into your mind is to find or pursue your purpose in life!  

The conclusion is simple: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health are all connected. You have to be healthy at all levels in order to experience true wellness.

Dr Marcus Chacos
Chiropractor and Founder of the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute
Author of The Arthritis Soluiton