Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Obsolete Theory - Peter F. Drucker

Wow, I am blown away by an article I just read from Peter F. Drucker, considered by many the foremost mind on business management of the last 100 years. The article was titled "The Obsolete Theory," emphasising you cannot rejuvenate an obsolete theory of business, one that is no longer applicable, not even through miracle workers.

This is not what moved me. it was the subtitle to his article, which read, "a degenerative disease will not be cured by procrastination, It requires decisive action."

Wow. What a powerful truth and deep insight. He was, of course, referencing a degenerative business philosophy when using this analogy. But it is equally true as it applies to degenerative disease or arthritis.

Many people want the medication or surgery to cure them of arthritis. It can't. It won't. It doesn't. Inactivity never will. Only decisive action can.

And that's exactly what I have been saying to clients for over a decade. Take action with your arthritis, do what works to create the healing that is possible... then you don't need the miracle workers... you become one.

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Dr Marcus Chacos
Chiropractor and Founder of the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute

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